Prepare for Winter Travel with the Right Winter Tires in Novi

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Winter is fast approaching. We've seen signs of it already here in Novi which means that there's no better time than now to start preparing your vehicle for winter. How? Well, one of the key elements of winterizing your vehicle is swapping your tires out for winter tires. Fortunately, you don't have to go too far to take care of that essential bit of preparation. We can help you find the perfect snow tires right here at Feldman Kia.

But what are winter tires, exactly? What makes them different and why is it important to have winter tires in Novi?

How are winter tires different from other tires?

Winter tires are designed to help you achieve better handling on cold, snowy, icy roads. They're made of a different, softer rubber that remains flexible in the cold, giving them the ability to hug the road better and gain more traction. They also feature deeper tread patterns specially designed to handle snow and slush. These are all important features to have at your disposal when navigating our snowy, slippery roads in Novi.

Can't I just keep my winter tires on year-round?

No. Because winter tires -- studded or otherwise -- are softer and more flexible, they wear down considerably faster in warmer temperatures. You'll just end up having to replace them much faster than you would if you switched them back out at the end of winter. They also won't give you the responsive handling in warmer months that you would expect from all-season or summer tires.

What are studded winter tires?

They're exactly what they sound like. Studded winter tires have studs in the tread, little bits of metal that help your tires dig into ice to gain more traction. Of course, they do the same with pavement, so studded tires are best for roads that are routinely covered in ice.

I need winter tires!

No problem! We can help. Contact us or stop by our Kia dealership in Novi so we can help you pick out and install the perfect snow tires for your vehicle today!

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