Learn all about Kia's advanced safety technologies that help make roads safer

Whether you're driving around the busy city of Detroit, or the suburbs of Farmington Hills, at Feldman Kia we know safety matters. Depending on the model and trim of the new Kia you're interested in, you'll have or be able to add on a great lineup of advanced safety technologies. No longer are these features only found on luxury brands, which is a great thing because everyone should be able to get technology that'll help them and their passengers feel safe.

The bullet points below show technologies that are part of the Kia Drive Wise program. They help prevent an accident from occurring by sending you alerts or taking control of the wheel:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Smart Cruise Control (this adapts to the speed of the car in front of you)
  • Forward Collision Warning System
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Blind Spot Detection & Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Other helpful features that can protect you from fender benders include a rearview camera, above view camera that takes a 360-degree shot of the vehicle (very helpful for parallel parking in South Field), and LED lights that provide better visibility.

For more information on Kia's advanced safety technologies, visit our dealership. We're located in Novi, MI and look forward to meeting you. If you're a shopper from Livonia make sure you swing in too— we're just 15 minutes away via 1-96 E!

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