Which Kia Vehicles Have All-Wheel Drive?

Touring our extensive lineup of both new Kia cars and SUVs and used vehicles here in Novi, you've probably noticed terms like "front- or two-wheel drive," "rear-wheel drive," and "all-wheel drive" and wondered "what's the difference?" Each phrase describes a vehicle's drivetrain -- the system that transmits power to its wheels -- and they're all different. Here's a bit of background.

FWD or 2WD systems build a vehicle's engine, transmission, differential, and wheels into the front end. They get the job done for everyday needs, from your weekly commute to family transit between school, events, and weekend getaways, but with less turning and pulling power than, say, RWD, a staple of performance cars. In this system, the driveshaft sends power from the engine, up front, to the two back wheels, with a differential stepping in to smooth out 90-degree turns.

It's with AWD, designed to firm up your grip on the road across uneven surfaces and through inclement weather, that things get interesting. Part-time systems deliver power to all four wheels when you need it, to be sure, but full-time systems, like Kia Dynamax, are permanent, always-on variants. Dynamax is available in both the latest Kia Sportage, in trims from LX and EX to SX Turbo, as well as the new Kia Sorento, in base LX, SX, SX Limited, and V6-equipped LX and EX trims. Here, the drivetrain employs electronic sensors to continuously keep an eye on road conditions, distributing power dynamically between wheels, resulting in the best possible traction and more confident control.

In select Kia SUV trims, and even in AWD-equipped sports sedans like the all-new Kia Stinger, an optional driver-activated locking center differential even comes along for the ride, enhancing traction at lower speeds. Bring Torque Vectoring Cornering Control into the mix to correct understeer with helpful auto braking, with a dynamic version in the new Stinger. Factor in the latter's electronically-controlled transfer case, sending the power proper to driving conditions to both the front and rear axles. The result is clear: excellent vehicle stability during all four seasons, whether you're going to Twelve Oaks Mall for some retail therapy, at the Suburban Collection Showplace for a trade show, or heading out of our Novi, MI neighborhood on a getaway off the beaten path.

There are plenty of other benefits to a Kia AWD system, too. The new Sportage, for example, can tow up to 2,000 pounds effectively, while the new Sorento can haul up to 5,000 pounds with the best of them. But these aren't all. Eager to check out which new Kia SUV in our showcase here at Feldman Kia might be right for your needs? You're welcome to schedule a test-drive -- we're just a phone call away, at 800-542-3325. Or, as always, you can pay our 42235 Grand River Avenue showroom here in town a visit, and we'll set you up behind the wheel.

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