Which Kia SUV is the Largest?

We get asked this question a lot here on Grand River Avenue, and with all the road-trippers, commuting professionals, and traveling families we meet on the daily, we can certainly see why. But more than a few features can answer the question, depending on whether you're hauling a trailerful on that big vacation or just taking the kids to class or practice, and as a result, it's a good idea to compare each new SUV to its siblings.

Perhaps the easiest way to reply is directly. The largest Kia model at present is the new Sorento mid-size SUV. With an enormous 154.2 cubic feet of passenger space and up to 73.0 cubic feet of cargo capacity, it's ideally equipped to take on both the whole gang and the luggage, camping gear, and other essentials to make the trip. Sorento can even tow anywhere from 2,000 to 3,500 pounds in front-wheel drive, depending on trim, and up to 5,000 pounds with optional Dynamax Full-Time All-Wheel Drive (AWD). That's enough for the family fishing boat, a couple of jet skis for you and your significant other, your trusty camping trailer, or even a second vehicle.

But maybe you don't need all that muscle. Next in line, in that case, is the new Kia Sportage compact SUV, with interior space measuring 129.3 cubic feet, up to 60.1 cubic feet of and cargo room, and a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds when equipped with special trailer braking equipment. Factor in a handy under-floor storage compartment and a cargo light to make it easy to see your quarry, and not only can you lug everything from school supplies to sports or band equipment, and then some. You can even pull a small tent camper along with it.

Of course, if you're not looking to tow, but still in need of all that great space for everything from the weekly 9-to-5 to weekend retail therapy and that occasional cabin getaway, you've got two choices.

For one, the new Kia Soul, a roomy compact crossover with 96.8 to 101 cubic feet of passenger space, depending on whether you opt for an available panoramic sunroof to add a touch of Mother Nature to the journey. Its cargo space sprawls anywhere from 49.5 to 61.3 cubic feet, depending on the use of its convenient cargo under-tray (just lift the hatch floor, and you'll see the hidden compartment; there's even a cargo cover in select trims). The second is the new Kia Niro hybrid, similarly sized, with 100.9 cubic feet for you and your riders and up to 54.5 cubic feet for all the goods, including its under-floor storage tray and cover.

But crunching numbers is one thing. Loading up and hitting the road is another. Give us a call here at Feldman Kia at 800-542-3325 or stop by our showroom here at 42235 Grand River Avenue in Novi, MI, and we'll help you compare new Kia SUVs one-on-one!

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