Kia Cares About Getting You There Safely

Whether you're traveling down the interstate from Southfield, or driving through downtown Detroit, safety is always in the back of your mind. Keeping you and your passengers safe is the top priority when in a vehicle, so Kia has incorporated exceptional safety features throughout their entire lineup. Feldman Kia is proud to have a great selection of new inventory and used vehicles in stock because every driver in Novi deserves to get around safely.

The Kia fleet is built with safety in mind from the inside out so that you can get your everyday driving to and from Farmington Hills done without worry.

Traditional Safety Features Updated for Modern Standards

Perhaps the single-most important feature to consider when looking at the safeness of a vehicle, is what the body is made of. The Kia lineup is created with ultra-high strength steel that supports crash safety and fuel efficiency.

When in a collision, having sufficient airbags further aids in the safety of you and your passengers. Kia vehicles are equipped with driver and passenger seat airbags as well as curtain, front, and rear airbags.

Safety You Can See

While the passive safety features are essential for crash safety and peace of mind, some active safety features you will find on a new Kia are ones that you can utilize every day. By incorporating these advanced technologies, the goal is to decrease the risk of collision in the first place. Features include:

  • Lane departure warning that employs a front-facing camera to track the lane ahead of you, so if you drift from the correct path, the system will alert you. This technology will help keep you aware when you're driving back to Livonia from a late dinner in Detroit.
  • Forward collision warning system utilizes the same camera to measure the distance between your vehicle and the car ahead to caution you if the gap becomes too short.
  • Autonomous emergency braking comes into play when the collision warning detects the preceding vehicle is coming to an abrupt stop. This system will automatically apply your car's brakes to avoid the impact.

All these features and more can be seen in the new lineup of Kia cars, check them all out for yourself at Feldman Kia in Novi.

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