Kia Battery Service

Kia Battery Service Novi MI

When you’re getting ready to hit the road and start your next adventure, it’s important to be prepared. You have your luggage, your snacks, and your passengers as you head out into Novi, Livonia, and Southfield, Michigan, but does your ride have what it needs to give you the performance you desire? For instance, you’ll need a well-functioning battery to get your drive started.

Your Kia car relies on its battery to deliver the drives that you need, and our certified technicians are here to help. We provide Kia battery service to make sure your rides are as efficient and smooth as you need. Our service crew at Feldman Kia will get you ready to hit the road and start an adventure!

What Does my Kia Car Battery do?

Kia Battery Service Novi MI

Your battery puts in the work from the second you want to start your Kia car. It plays an important role in starting the ignition. It also powers things like lights, onboard computers, radio, and even your windshield wipers.

Without a battery, your Kia car won’t run or have access to various other systems. This would leave you potentially stranded should the battery run into trouble as you’re out. That’s why it helps to prevent these events from happening in the first place.





Our Battery Service Menu

Kia Battery Service Novi MI

Whether your current battery can keep on working or you need a new one, our certified Kia experts will make sure you’re prepared for the next drive. Battery maintenance will adjust your battery and make sure it is performing as intended. Proper maintenance ensures that you get the most life out of your battery thanks to the expertise of our crew members.

If your battery has run its course, then you can get a replacement at our service center. Thanks to a fresh battery, you can set out on the road in your Kia and be ready for the next journey. We make it simple for you by swapping out your battery and returning you to a Kia that’s ready for the road.





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Make sure your battery is up to the task of driving around Novi, Livonia, and Southfield, MI. Schedule an appointment with us at Feldman Kia and get your battery inspected today!