Selling Your Car to a Dealership Novi MI


Have you been looking to move on from an old ride around Novi, Livonia, or Southfield, MI? Whether you are looking to earn some extra money, make a down payment on a new ride, or just need to clear some space in the garage or driveway, we’re happy to help here at Feldman Kia.

Here at our dealership, we buy used machines and accept trade-ins regularly, so we’re ready to help you obtain the compensation that you have been seeking. Learn more about selling your car to a dealership like ours below!



Selling Your Car to a Dealership Novi MI

Prior to diving into the selling process, it is important to establish why you are looking to sell. You could be looking to earn some money to allocate elsewhere, or you could just be moving to a location where you no longer need a ride. Whatever the reason, selling to a dealership offers you the easiest way to obtain the compensation you desire.

This is because when you elect to sell to a dealership, you are presented with a quick, easy, and certified process. Our experienced automotive professionals quickly move you down the funnel, presenting you with an offer that is not only timely, but also fair.

Do the prospects of this process sound intriguing? Dive in below!


Selling Your Car to a Dealership Novi MI

When you are ready to move on from a set of wheels, of course, the first thing you will want to do is clean it and prepare it for sale. This will help raise its worth, a figure which you can learn more about via our online trade-in calculator.

Once your ride is ready to go, the next thing you will want to do is bring it into our dealership. Here, we’ll conduct an inspection, getting a better feel for the condition. At this time, we’ll also do some research, weighing factors like age, make, and model as we look to arrive at an appraisal figure.

Having learned more about your ride, we’ll then be able to present you with an offer. From there, you can accept, decline, or head home and think about it for a bit. If you do decide to accept at any point, you will be ready to move onto documents and details.

Moving towards deal completion, we’ll need to take a look at your license as well as the title and registration. This will allow us to confirm you are the owner and ultimately complete the deal as you make a few signatures, hand over the keys, and head home with your compensation.


Just like that, in a few quick steps and a matter of a few hours, we’ll have a check in your hands here at Feldman Kia.

Now that you know all the steps involved with selling your car to a dealership, what are you waiting for? Get started working through the process and make sure to reach out to our team with any questions you may have!

We’re proud to serve Novi, Livonia, and Southfield, Michigan, drivers and hope to assist you soon!