Kia Brake Service near Ann Arbor MI

Whether you have been driving your Kia for a while or you have just gotten behind the wheel recently, the importance of brake service will remain the same. Your brakes play a vital role in your Kia’s ability to run properly and your safety behind the wheel. So, when the time comes for service, you will definitely want to provide it promptly.

Fortunately, here at Feldman Kia, we are equipped to provide Kia brake service near Ann Arbor, MI. Read along to learn more about how we can help you!

How Do Brakes Work?

Kia Brake Service near Ann Arbor MIBrakes need service every now and then because they endure quite a bit of wear and tear within your Kia. They take on this heavy wear and tear because of the way they work and the engineering behind it.

So, when you press the brake pedal, how do they work to slow down your ride? Well, when you press the pedal, it sends pressure through the brake lines. This pressure is carried to the brake calipers. Here, it will be used to squeeze the brake pads against the brake rotors, in turn, creating the friction needed within the wheels to slow and stop the automobile.

The pads and rotors are the components at work within this system that will endure the heaviest wear and tear, as they constantly take on friction. Accordingly, these are the two components that need attention most often when it comes time for brake service.

Do I Need Brake Service?

Kia Brake Service near Ann Arbor MIDo you need brake service? Well, that is another great question, though it is one only you can answer at the outset. Really, it depends on whether or not your Kia is exhibiting any signs of braking issues. For instance, if your Kia pulls to either the right or left side when you press the brakes, it can signal an issue.

Other signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • Squeaking or squealing noises when braking
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Brake pedal that feels spongey or squishy
  • Vibration/instability when stopping

If you come across any of these, it is best to seek out service sooner rather than later.

Completing Brake Service

Kia Brake Service near Ann Arbor MIReally, brake service is a comprehensive service. When you bring your Kia in, we’ll get to work, starting with an inspection. By doing so, we’ll be able to pinpoint which part of the braking system, if any, needs to be serviced or replaced.

Whether your ride needs new pads and rotors or it just needs some new brake fluid, we’ll be able to help here at our Kia service center.

Schedule Kia Brake Service near Ann Arbor MI

Think your ride needs brake attention? Well, we’ll be positioned well to help here at our Feldman Kia service center. Contact one of our team members to schedule an appointment for brake service near Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’ll get you in, out, and back on those local roadways in little time.

We’re proud to serve local drivers and hope to assist you soon!