Winter Maintenance Tips

Tires in snow

As winter hits full swing, you’re not the only one who feels the effects of the colder weather. In fact, cold weather and inclement conditions can affect the performance of your automobile. While this is the case, there are some things that you can do to help your ride run better from December through March.

Below, our team here at Feldman Kia has some winter maintenance tips for you. Check them out to see how you can keep your Kia running smoothly around Novi, Livonia, and Southfield, MI, all winter long!

Tires in snow

Check Tire Pressure Routinely

One of the effects of colder weather is decreased pressure within your car’s tires. When the tires don’t have the optimal level of pressure, they can experience reduced efficiency and traction.

To combat this, you will want to monitor the tire pressure levels, like adding air when it's needed. In some Kia models, you will find an automatic tire pressure monitor, which can be helpful in this instance.

Check Tire Tread

Tire tread plays an important role when it comes to maintaining traction on the roadways. There is an even heavier emphasis placed on this area when driving on snow and ice.

You can check the tread left on your car’s tires by using a penny. If you stick the penny in the tread upside down and Lincoln’s head is covered, the tire is still safe to drive on. If Lincoln’s head is uncovered, you’ll want to replace that tire.


Tires in snow


Replace Fluids

The fluids at work within your vehicle will prove quite important in the winter. This includes the engine oil. It’s a good idea to have the oil changed so that the engine is ready to run smoothly during the colder months.

In a similar sense, you may want to replace the antifreeze. The antifreeze works to regulate the engine’s temperature. This will make sure that it does not get too cold.

Pro Tip: Warm Up Your Vehicle

In the winter, it is best practice to warm up the engine before you begin driving. Giving the engine just 10 to 15 minutes to kick into gear can really boost its performance.

Inspect Battery

Battery power can also take a hit when it’s colder outside. Having your battery inspected prior to the winter season can make sure it is fully charged and ready to last during the cold weather.

Learn More About Winter Maintenance!

Do you want to have fun this winter? Well, whether you’re planning to hunker down in the house or go skiing, you’ll want to make sure your automobile is ready to run when you need it. By following our winter maintenance tips, you can make sure you’re able to get the most out of your ride this winter.

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Feldman Kia. We’re proud to serve Novi, Livonia, and Southfield, Michigan, area drivers and hope to assist you soon!