Kia Battery Service Westland MI


Kia Battery Service near Westland MI

Have you been driving your Kia for a while? Maybe you’ve started to experience dimming lights or even trouble starting your engine in certain situations. If so, you could be looking at a battery issue. Fortunately, here at Feldman Kia of Novi, we regularly provide Kia battery service near Westland, Michigan, and are ready to help.

Read on to learn more about your Kia car’s battery and how we can assist.

What Does a Kia Car Battery Do?

Kia Battery Service near Westland MI

Of course, you’re likely aware of your Kia model’s battery. However, you may not be exactly sure of what it does and how it works. So, that’s where we’ll start.

As you assemble the hierarchy of parts within your Kia vehicle, your battery ranks pretty close to the top. It works in tandem with the powertrain, ultimately allowing your ride to run. Further, when you turn the key in the ignition, the battery supplies the electrical current that allows the engine to actually turn over and start running. So, without the battery, you would not be able to start your Kia at all.

The battery’s responsibilities delve deeper, though. It’s also responsible for supplying power to the radio, lights, and other electrical components of the automobile.



Signs of Waning Battery

Kia Battery Service near Westland MI

As you drive, like every part, your battery will experience wear and tear. Usually, you can expect deteriorating battery performance to arise every three to five years, manifesting through dimming lights and engine-starting issues.

If you don’t take well-informed care of your vehicle, though, this window can be accelerated. For example, if you leave your lights and radio on with the engine off, it can drain the battery. Usually, this can be remedied with a simple recharge. Additionally, not starting your car for long periods of time can drain the battery.




Servicing Your Battery

Kia Battery Service near Westland MI

If you start to run into battery issues, we’ll be here to help at our service center. Whether it has quit altogether and you can’t start the vehicle, or it’s just starting to decline in performance, we’ll get under the hood and diagnose the issue.

Depending on your battery’s life, it’ll likely either need to be replaced or recharged, both of which are simple services to complete. So, our trained technicians will be able to have your battery service completed efficiently and effectively. That way, you can get back behind the wheel.




Schedule Kia Battery Service near Westland MI

Kia Battery Service near Westland MI

Have you been searching for Kia battery service near Westland, Michigan? Whether your ride needs attention today, in a few weeks, or even a few months from now, we’ll be ready to help here at Feldman Kia of Novi. Just contact our team to set up an appointment when you’re ready.

From there, we’ll be able to provide your Kia with care, completing it in no time. That way, you can get back out on the local roadways—exploring Central City Park, Hines Park, or even downtown Detroit, MI.

Have questions in the meantime, just reach out and ask!